Presentation PPT Prep
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Saving your presentation with Powerpoint

1-To record the narrations in PowerPoint, start by locating the Slide Show tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Click the Slideshow tab to change the available options.

2-Make sure you start with the first slide in PowerPoint to record audio, camera, and timings for the entire presentation. When you click Record Slide Show, a new window opens with two options before you start recording. Leave both options checked to record audio commentaries and synchronize slide switch timings. Make sure you are ready before starting recording.

3-When you click the Save option, the window below will open.

In the bottom right, check that your microphone and video are activated.

You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between slides while recording. Use the right arrow to jump to the next slide, or the left arrow to move to the previous PowerPoint slide.

4-When the recording is finished, you can calculate the total duration of your presentation by adding the times per slide. It is useful to know that audio and video recording is specific to each slide. When you delete your image on the slide, it will be deleted along with the voice recording. You can re-record specific to this slide. If you delete the slide, the audio-video recording specific to that slide will also be deleted. If the given presentation time exceeds, you can re-record for each slide or delete extra slides.

Your presentation will be stopped strictly at the given time during the congress.  Presentation time is 5 minutes for free video communications, 15 minutes for invited speakers and 30 minutes for invited state-art-lectures. For this reason, it is beneficial for you to pay attention to the time limit (will be stopped automatically by the system).

You need to send your presentation as recorded powerpoint file (not in video format) to [email protected] .

 If you have not yet sent, please send your abstract ASAP. Thank you.

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