Fetal Examination and CNS

“WSPM Online Course – Fetal Examination and CNS” is the topic for the online course on 26 November, 2021. We are grateful that Valentina De Robertis has prepared the scientific program in a good way as the coordinator of this course. I am hoping that it will be useful for your scientific activity and clinical practice.

It is free of charge course.

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26 November 2021 –  Friday

English presentation                 Spanish translation

 Coordinators:  Cihat Sen, Valentina De Robertis 
15’Technical aspects in the evaluation of the CNS  – ONLY ENGLISHI.Timor
15’US evaluation of fetal brain anatomy in each trimester – ONLY ENGLISHV.De Robertis
15’Spine evaluation  D.Rolnik
5’Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the spine?R.Birnbaum
20’Coffee and discussion 
15’Skull ossification and fetal head shapeS.Boito
15’Advantages and disadvantages of axial planesR.Birnbaum
15’Hemispheres, falx and thalamiF.D’Antonio
15’Sylvian fissureR.Pooh
5’Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the hemispheres and the Sylvian fissureR.Pooh
20’Coffee and discussion 

Peru-Mexico-Chicago 08.45, New York-Baltimore 09.45, Brazil-Argentina 11.45, UK 14.45,Nigeria-Rome-Madrid 15.45,

 Istanbul 17.45, India 20.15, Indonesia 21.45, Beijing-Manila 22.45, Japan 23.45 

15’Cavum septi pellucidi                                                          R.Chaoui
15’Lateral ventricles: Anterior horns                                          A.Galindo
15’Lateral ventricles: Posterior horns                                          I.Timor
15’Corpus CallosumC.Sen
5’Pre-recorded Demo Live: How to scan the corpus callosum and lateral ventricles?N.Volpe
20’Coffee and discussion 
15’Vermian developmentP.Volpe
15’Cisterna MagnaN.Volpe
5’Pre-recorded Demo live: How to scan the posterior fossa anatomy and its content?V.De Robertis 
20’Coffee and discussion 

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